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Our wonderful range of classic facials are back on offer at HALF PRICE for the month of January 2021. These beautiful treatments take us right back to the traditional, relaxing, facials we all know and love, without the needles, blasting, peels and chemicals! Instead we use an award-winning range of wonderful, effective skincare products made with the finest ingredients from the mediterranean, leaving your skin feeling glowing, youthful and revitalised.

Hurry, this offer is only valid for bookings between 3rd - 31st January. Book online today

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Want silky smooth underarms next summer? Why winter is the best time to begin your underarm waxing routine?

So you're into the routine of waxing your legs, your bikini area, and maybe your brows... but... you just can't bring yourself to grow out your underarm hair so it's long enough to wax. It's a common issue which often prevents clients starting underarm waxing in the first place. If the hair has been shaved for many years it is likely to be tough and stubborn and therefore needs to be a reasonable length for the wax to get a good grip and lever out those hairs.

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