Want silky smooth underarms next summer? Why winter is the best time to begin your underarm waxing routine?

So you're into the routine of waxing your legs, your bikini area, and maybe your brows... but... you just can't bring yourself to grow out your underarm hair so it's long enough to wax. It's a common issue which often prevents clients starting underarm waxing in the first place. If the hair has been shaved for many years it is likely to be tough and stubborn and therefore needs to be a reasonable length for the wax to get a good grip and lever out those hairs.

The good news is that underarm hair is one of the areas that very quickly turns finer, fairer and sparser with waxing. Often, client’s regrowth will be very noticeably reduced after just 4-5 wax treatments.

This means that, after a couple of months of waxing, growing the underarm hair out isn’t so bothersome as it’s less noticeable and there’s significantly less hair. Once you’re out of the shaving routine and waxing regularly, the resulting finer hair comes out easily and smoothly and it can then be successfully waxed at a shorter length. Most of our regular underarm waxing clients find their regrowth can easily be tolerated to tie in with their regular Brazilian or Hollywood wax which is around every 5 weeks. If you can’t wait quite that long, regularly waxed underarms can be maintained at around 3 weeks - but you might find the results are good enough that you don’t need to do it that often!

So, if you’ve been shaving forever and want to get into an underarm waxing routine, grow it out now, in the winter months whilst underarms are generally tucked away under woolly jumpers, and keep the routine going every 5 weeks. By late spring you’ll have done the hard bit and the resulting hair will be much easier to tolerate and deal with. You’ll be glad you did it!

Finally, a quick note about discomfort. There’s a common misconception that underarm waxing is painful. Done properly, using good quality peelable hot wax and correct skin preparation, and you should find that underarm waxing is really not uncomfortable at all.

An underarm wax at Brilliant Brazilian takes around 15 minutes and costs £10.